Thursday, October 28, 2004

Flieger - Actually a lot of my interest in Panzers came from the highly dramatic - and inspiring- box art found on the cardboard boxes containing plastic kits. I started out building aeroplanes but later on switched to panzers because they took up less space and came in larger scales (like 1/35´th as opposed the the 1/72 standard for planes)
This splendid work, as always done with expert craftmanship by an unnamed Japanese illustrator, shows a Heinkel He 219 "Uhu" shooting down a British Avro Lancaster bomber in 1944 or 45.
Another of Germany's "war winners" the He 219 was produced in far to few numbers and too late in the war to make much difference, but it flew with an on board radar and was the first combat aircraft to use ejection seats. Despite being a large two seated plane it was in fact a night fighter designed to combat the bombers of the British Bomber Command attacking Germany's cities and industrial centres during the night (they were attacked by the Americans during the day)

Babe - Good ole' Betty Page dressed as a sort of Devil Girl - grrrrrrrr...

And some sad news: John Peel has passed away...


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