Thursday, November 04, 2004

Flieger - the Sänger "Silbervogel" This project was part of the Luftwaffe plans for an "Amerika bomber" a plane capable of reaching the US to drop bombs on it. None of these project were ever realised but the "Silbervogel" (silverbird) by scientist Dr. Eugen Sänger was one of the most radical ideas. The Silbervogel was to be launched into space like a rocket but return to Earth like a plane. Sänger's idea was that the Silbervogel would "bounce" on the outer edge of Earths atmosphere - a bit like a stone skipping on water. In this way it could travel over very large distances without using fuel and when it reached Amerika it was to drop an a-bomb and land on a remote airfield like a normal aeroplane. The idea of a "Space plane" was very close to the American Spaceshuttle and in fact Sänger's ideas were developed by the Americans for many years after WW2. These projects were shelved in the sixties to concentrate on the moon landings but claims have been made that the US are still trying to build a "Space bomber"

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