Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Went and saw The Incredibles last night, the latest 3D blast from PIXAR.
The tale of a family of superheroes gone undercover to stay away from scandal, it's a tasty helping of brilliantly designed 60's Sci-fi retro, ripping action, and as another PIXAR/ Disney combo the story of course pushes traditional values like the importance of sticking together as a Family® and just because you are bored, overweight and stuck in a dead-end job with a nagging wife at home doesn't mean things can't take a turn for the better.

But enough of that:

My visit to the cinema also brought despaches from far away!
Amazed by these unexpected tidings, tears began to flow from my eyes!
With unspeakable joy I now bring this to ye:
A great wonder will happen!
Come rejoice with me children! no later than the coming spring we will sit down in front of The Great (widescreen) Book and once again read from:

The Greatest Story Ever Told

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