Saturday, December 04, 2004

Honey, I'm home.

The guy living in the apartment below mine is an alcoholic and in the old days, 5-6 years ago, you could hear him every night shouting at his demons and knocking over furniture.

Nowadays he's calmed down quite a lot, but yesterday a friend of him appearently mistook my apartment for his and I found myself with a drunken 50 year old who had locked himself into my home,
I gently managed him out again explaining he was on the wrong floor.

The thing that struck me was the smell he left behind, a mixture of puke, piss, cigarettes, and unwashed feet, he smelled like you had collected the used underwear of ten generations of fishfactory workers and wrestling champions, placed it in a big hole, pissed on it untill the hole was filled up and then you'd left him in it for a few weeks.


I had to open all my windows and go for a walk to get rid of the smell again, It really stuck...

Now, how the fuck did he get a key that fits to my apartment?!?!?

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