Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Went and saw Alexander by Oliver Stone about the legendary warrior king Alexander the Great - a disappointing experience as the movie is made up of more than three hours of men in loincloth and body armour shouting, killing and talking about the greatness of themselves, their king, and Macedonia.

The battle scenes are the only thing really worth mentioning as they are highly realistic and I think one of the points of the movie is to show the difference between the myth of Alexander and the reality of his conquests, but outside the battlefield the movie just goes on and on with scenes that lack any real drama, shouting "noooooo" every time someone significant dies is hardly great acting, and Angelica Jolie (Alexander's mother) sports a peculiar rrrrussian accent which does nothing for her generally shallow and uninspiring performance.

On the whole it's a confusing blur with the odd quotation thrown in (at a point Alexander, in the middle of a battle, asks a group of reluctant soldiers "do you want to live forever" a quote normally associated with 17'th century Prussian King Frederick The Great)

When the movie's over you want to ask yourself what's really so interesting about a bunch of yokels dressed like a German rock band who explore the world by slaughtering or raping everybody they meet on their way.

Go and rent Gladiator instead.

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