Friday, January 14, 2005

Panzer - The crew in front of a "Nashorn" (rhinoceros)
This was was not a panzer but a self-propelled gun mounting an 88 mm gun on a tracked carriage which is why the crew wear field-grey coloured uniforms and not the black ones of Panzer units.

The Nashorn was an mid-war attempt to provide a weapon strong enough to destroy the Russian T-34 and JS tanks. Later the same gun was placed in the Tiger II which could take on the Russian armour on equal terms, but with The Nashorn the gun and crew were only protected by a thin armored shield and would have to engage enemy tanks from a concealed position.

The long range of the 88' made that perfectly possible and the Nashorns were put to good use on all fronts for the remainder of the war.

Babe - Marilyn Monroe in her early days, funny how the world's most famous blonde was in fact a brunette...

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