Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I remember an experience I had many years ago at the Roskilde Festival of music.

This was sometime in the late eighties and I was sitting on the ground outside what was known back then as "the green tent" which was the festival's venue for "alternative rock" - here you could hear the music of Sonic Youth (great), The Jesus and Mary Chain (sucked) etc.

I was sitting there recovering from an LSD trip when I saw an interesting character walk by: A man known to the public only by the name of "Carlo".
He was the president of the Danish Hells Angels and here he was walking slowly by with his "lady" on his arm, strutting his carefully sculpted muscles and clad in fashionable black denim and Ray-Ban's.

His head was continously panning from left to right, monitoring the area and his minimal black leather west did all it had to do: display the infamous logo of The Hell Angels Motor Cycle Association

Step aside people, here comes the power of death and destruction,

I had a vision...
Here I was in this counter-cultural version of Coney Island that had all you could ask for: Burgers, babes, music, drugs and beer... You didn't have to take a shower for four whole days and the minute you woke up somebody stuffed a joint in your mouth or put a bottle in your hand - fantastic!

But in my vision I saw The Truth...It was all a big scam! In fact we were like defenseless animals in a reservation! And now I saw the ruling Lord of Darkness patrolling his territory, just to make sure everybody stayed in line and knew who their master was.

After all, bikers controlled the drug trade which formed the core of the whole culture. It supplied "inspiration" to the artists, kept the money flowing in and out, and sustained the culture's need be in opposition to the mainstream (by doing something that was both fun and illegal at the same time)

Was this any way different from the feudal societies of the middle ages, controlled by knights and warlords who owned the land people made a living from?

All bow to the powers that be: Wealth and brutality.

Freedom? - thanks for playing.

(but don't forget: it's Playemate Week™)

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