Thursday, February 03, 2005

Panzer - A Tiger 1 abandoned in a French town after the invasion in Normandy.
The German Armies in Normandy lost most of their panzers and other heavy equipment due to fuel shortages during the retreat and the constant attacks from Allied airplanes.
In most cases prized weapons like a Tiger would be blown up by its own crew to avoid capture.

Note the American troops examining it at the rear, the French men at the front wearing armbands of the resistance and the towcables attached to the front end of the Tiger. Towcables suggests the Tiger ran out of fuel or had a mechanical breakdown - not uncommon with this 52 ton vehicle.
Usually a disabled panzer would be picked up by the Werkstattkompanie (workshop company) and towed to safety and repair, but In this case they appearently gave up on it or never arrived.

Babe - Zesty!

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