Thursday, February 24, 2005

Panzer - To round off this little series on the Sturmgeschütz a picture of the most famous "StuG-ace", sergeant Hugo Primozic who destroyed 24 Russian tanks in the battles around Rhzev in september 1942.
In the photo he is shown painting the popular "kill rings" around the gun tube of his StuG to illustrate the number of destroyed enemy tanks.

At this point in the war the Wehrmacht had few weapons capable of stopping the Russian T-34 and KV tanks, and to score a successfull "kill" you had to attack the enemy tank from very short distances which took a great deal of skill and courage.

For his actions, which involved fighting a whole brigade of Russian tanks while surrounded and only having three StuG's under his command, Primozic was awarded Das Ritterkreutz and later won the oakleaves for additional acts of bravery.

An ethnic German from Jugoslavia he settled in West Germany after the war.

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