Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tiger - Anyone who has seen Saving Private Ryan wil remember the last part where Tom Hanks and his men are attacked by a German Tiger tank (which they stop by blowing off a track with a "sticky-bomb")

Since none of the surviving Tigers kept in museums were in running order at the time the film team had a fake one made from rebuilding an old Russian T-55.
In the photo it is shown at an armory show in Britain.

The film used several custom made "German" vehicles which appeared again in the spin-off TV-series Band of Brothers.

Unlike many other Hollywood movies about WWII, the German vehicles (Tiger 1, Jagdpanther, Marder III, Sdkfz 251) were created with great attention to detail and design - the best seen so far in my opinion.

Babe - Marilyn Monroe again, green looked good on her...

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Blackhorse11ACR said...

They were built on T34 chassis not T55