Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well, as most people expected the Danish Prime minister and his government was re-elected, although his party "The Left" lost a few mandates ("The Left"has NOTHING to do with being left-wing, you can call this party "the conservative landowners, libertarian loonies and yuppies-party")

The Conservative Party snatched up a few more votes (they have the former TV journalist Connie Hedegaard which young conservatives consider "a hottie" because most other women in the conservative party are either over eighty, lesbian, or look like Rumanian trannies)

The chairman of the Social Democrats (who did very badly) announced that he would now leave his chairmanship.
This party has a big problem renewing itself, sacking their former chairman Poul Nyrup who represented a more social-liberal approach which might go down well with the neo-conservative climate in Denmark didn't exactly help...

The village idiots of The Danish People's Party won 2% more votes than last time - hello folkdancing...

The big winner of this election was the Radical Left (I don't know how to explain this to non-Danish readers but this party is not made up of bomb-throwing people wearing parkas and balaclavas - they resemble the British Liberals the most)

They gained 9 more mandates and a lot of young people voted for them because they have a women as chairman and a more soft approach to immigration and the environment,

Also they are not some of those boring old socialists like the young voters own parents and highschoolteachers (actually the leader of the Radical Left Marianne Jelved used to be a schoolteacher - at the school I went to!)

The Official Danish Revolutionaries of The Unity List also gained two more mandates than last time (they have the motorcycle-riding, streatwear-digging young candidate Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil whom young left-wingers would consider "a hottie" because all the other women on the left-wing are either saggy-breasted hippies, lesbians, or men)

Babe - "Ba-ba-uhm-a-ma-mah"

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