Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Yes, today's election day in Danemark and here are some highlights:

Louise Frevert of The Danish People's Party (right-wing populists and closet-Nazis)
- this proud member of the modern welfare state wants to make folk dancing compulsory in Danish schools...

Why is it that right-wing movements coming from the grass roots in Denmark always have to have this tinge of insanity?

"Don't mention the war..."
- don't worry! The fact that Denmark is now taking part in the occupation of Iraq was kept entirely out of the election campaigns.

"I have one word for you: Taxes, employment, and care for the elderly!..."
yap, important issues for sure, but are they just as important as globalization, global warming, the environment, or racism and integration? (sorry, forgot.. It's all part of the War-pack? and we don't talk about that...)

Every time I turned the TV on to catch one of the (numerous) "party leaders showdown" all I got was TV reporters talking with other TV reporters about what the politicians were really saying
- more "TV on TV", whatever happened to information?

Well, off I go to vote strategically and without passion.

Dali - yes Denmark might be boring but Salvador Dali was not.

Babe - "seen any good votes lately?"

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