Monday, March 21, 2005

Panzer - The famous German halftracked vehicles were developed from a series of tractors designed for towing artillery.
With the addition of an armoured body one of the most numerous armoured vehicles in German WWII service was born: the Sdkfz 251

The picture shows one of the many variations of the vehicle, the 251/21 drilling with a smal turret mounting three 20 mm cannons.
It was constructed as a defence against low-flying ground attack aircraft like the Russian Sturmovik, and is seen here taken over by a group of cheerfull Russians after the meeting between Russian and US troops in the town of Torgau in April 1945.

The American photographer Irwin Klaw is famours today for creating the pinup star Betty Page, but he had other interesting women working in front of the camera, like Evonne Altair

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