Tuesday, March 01, 2005

RIP Solveig Evelyn Grahn 1935-2004

My mum died yesterday in a hospital. She had been diagnosed with cancer a week ago, and yesterday morning the doctors told us they couldn't cure her.
After that her condition worsened and she died in her sleep in the evening.
I was with her at the end and I suppose she just decided to shut down when there was no hope left for her.

Well, a picture from happier times - my mum's Confirmation (she's the girl in the white dress in the second row)

My Grandfather (man in bow tie next to my mum) had the unusual luck of winning on the football polls, so the family bought a radio (this is 1949) and gave my mum a big Confirmation party.

Bye mum, nice to see you there as the queen of the ball,

and thank you for always putting some music on.

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