Friday, March 11, 2005

Went and saw Nordkraft with old friends (Hen-) Rik and J (-akob)

The movie is based on a Danish bestselller by Jakob Ejersbo about a group of (mainly young) people living in the city of Aalborg in the nineties.

On the whole it's a quite nice movie, the acting is really good and it portrays well the problems of finding a life worth living within the narrow margins of the petty bourgeois values of mainstream culture.
At the same time it stays very much alert to the fact that living outside of society, as a famous rock anthem went, is by no means a better way of life, or has that much more to offer.

The three main characters - Allan the ex-seaman, ex-speed dealer who returns to Aalborg with a plan to start a new life, Maria the girlfriend of a pusher who feels she could do better than spend her life in the company of bikers, potheads and two marihuana addicted dogs , and finally the multi-substance abuser and part time philosopher/genius/pain in the ass, Steso who seems like a kid who's simply too bright, too sensitive, and maybe too spoiled, to lead a normal existence.

Basically they have little in common besides three things: Aalborg, drugs and love, and as the film progresses we learn that finding a tolerable relationship with either one is a constant and difficult struggle.

Towards the end of the movie the main characters come up with a number of solutions, both voluntary and in-voluntary, which points either to a new hope or the inevitable end, and somehow the answer might be that ol' devil called love, even if it often hurts more than it heals.

As a reader of the original book some things are sorely missed in the movie, but I suppose that's the way it goes with movie adaptations.

A total of four keyboards (out of five), which goes mainly to the original story, the tight editing, and the high quality of the acting.

Babe - One of the more quaint fetisches, in my opinion, but "tan marks" does it for some people.

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