Saturday, April 16, 2005

All over the world the 60'th anniversary of WWII is being celebrated at various intervals, so why not here!

The photos today show the surrender of 1'st company/ heavy tank battalion no. 512 to the Americans.

The battalion was equipped with the Jagdtiger, the largest and most powerful fighting vehicle to be used in WWII.

Only fourty-eight Jagdtigers were build before the war ended, and this colossus weighing 70 tons and fielding a 128 mm main gun in a fixed superstructure could destroy any allied opponent at distances of several kilometers. On top of that its unusually thick armor (250 mm at the turret front) made it invincible to existing allied armor.
Its only drawback was the excessive weight which made the vehicle extremely slow, prone to mechanical breakdowns, and almost impossible to salvage if it did break down.

The surrender took place exactly sixty years ago - April 16'th 1945.

In these pictures taken by a cameraman from the U.S.Army Signals Corps (who were responsible for a major part of the footage we have today of WWII) the unit is driving into the town of Iserlohn in the western part of Germany.

A full ceremony with the German commander - Hauptmann Ernst handing his Panzers over in the town square was arranged and extensively photographed.

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