Wednesday, April 27, 2005


At this time sixty years ago the Allied armies were advancing into a defeated Germany.
On April 25´th Russian and American troops had met outside the small town of Torgau near the Elbe river which meant that what remained of Nazi-Germany was now cut in half with the majority of its Army trapped in the South in Czechoslovakia, Austria and Bavaria.

In the East the Battle for Berlin had started on April 16'th, which would cost 150.000 German and Russian lives and mark the conclusion of the conflict between Nazi-Germany and Soviet-Russia.

Resistance from German forces in the West was scarce at this point, but American and British troops could sometimes experience fierce fighting from fanatic SS-units or Hitler youths, or maybe a single surviving Panzer attacking them.
With the owerwhelming numbers of Allied forces both on the ground and in the air the panzer rarely lasted long as you can see in the amateur photo of a direct hit on a Tiger-II.

In many cases abandoned or damaged vehicles set on fire by their own crew was all that was left of the once proud Panzerwaffe.

Babe - Ready, set - go!

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