Friday, April 29, 2005


Danish SS-volunteers on the Eastern Front ca. 1942.

Some 6.000 Danes volunteered for service with the SS on the Eastern Front in WWII, and their first commander was C.F von Schalburg (seen here with his son) who was an avid anti-communist.

Von Schalburg was an officer in the Danish army, and the Danish government had made an agreement that officers who wished to join the SS to fight in Russia against bolchevism could do so without repercussions later (this was however revoked after WWII)

Von Schalburg's mother came from Russian nobility and in 1940 he had volunteered for the Finnish army to fight against the Soviets in the Russo-Finnish war.

His tenure as commander of the Danish SS volunteers ended abruptly when he was killed by a mine in 1942.

Following a trait also seen in recent years in the Republic of Ukraine and the Baltic States, an association of surviving SS veterans and their supporters will be commemorating his death with a ceremony on June 2'nd this year.


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Anonymous said...

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Schenk said...

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