Thursday, April 14, 2005

Panzer - By spring 1945 the German Panzerwaffe was reaching the end of its existence.
The few panzers left at the frontlines desperately lacked fuel now that Germany's last supplier of gasoline -Hungary, was occupied by the Red Army in March-April 1945.

As the allied armies penetrated deeper and deeper into Germany, the factories making the panzers were taken over and production terminated, as in this rare colour photo where Panther turrets and an unfinished Jagdpanther are left in the rubble of a bombed-out factory in the Ruhr.

Althoug the concentrated bombing of Germany's industial centres seriously disrupted the production of Panzers, it never completely stopped it.
Sixty-two Panther tanks were produced and delivered in April 1945, and from the written reports of still active units you can learn that new vehicles were accepted for deployment as late as May 5'th 1945, three days before the war ended.

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Anonymous said...

'[...] the concentrated bombing of Germany's industrial centres seriously disrupted the production of Panzers [...]': this is nonsense; the bombing of Germany was neither concentrated nor targeted at its industrial centres. There was a lot of slack capacity in the German economy, which is part of the reason why it was able to produce weaponry in ever increasing numbers until well into the fourth quarter of 1944! So please, inform yourself before you blog your opinions. And by the way: the colourphoto isn't rare, but well known and even the production wasn't terminated after the Allies took over, because they had themselves build some German AFV for study-purposes!