Monday, April 25, 2005

Pope - Well, the new Pope is German and in his late seventies so maybe the question comes up: and what did HE do during the war... and to the delight of every prostestant or atheist - he was a goddamn Nazi!

Not quite, the picture of young Ratzinger in the uniform of the Hitler Youth was taken in 1943 when he was sixteen years old.
From 1941 membership of the HJ was mandatory for all German youths and like many sixteen year olds Ratzinger was drafted as a Flakhelfer (Anti-aircraft-gun-helper) manning an anti-aircraft gun at a BMW-factory outside Munich.

Later on he was sent to Hungary to dig anti-tank ditches and as his eighteenth birthday was approaching, Ratzinger risked being pressed into regular frontline service and maybe killed in the desperate fighting during the last weeks of WWII.
Facing this he decided to desert from the German Army in April 1945 and return to his home in Bavaria.
Fortunately he was not caught by the SS or the military police which would have meant certain death for him, but he was picked up by the Americans and spend six weeks in an outdoors internment camp for German POW's.

Like many catholics Ratzinger and his family were negative towards the Nazi regime which besides its criminal and inhumane nature also advocated atheism and had a wide interest in reintroducing pagan rituals from the pre-christian cultures in Germany.

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