Thursday, June 16, 2005


Danish officer Annemette Hommel stands trial accused of "rough treatment" and "refusing prisoners water" while interrogating prisoners in Iraq.

She has explained that prior to the interrogations she was briefed by her superiors who explained that "the culture down here (in Iraq) is more rough and masculine, so it might be necessary to be tougher than usual in order to get results"

It was a Dane assigned to the Danish forces as an interpreter who accused Hommel of "going to far" and he also claims Danish soldiers often refers to Iraqis as "dogs" or "monkeys"

-Oh those male-chauvenist Arabs, think about how they treat their poor women!
Male-chauvenist pigs - we all hate that kind of people, right?..

Some of the prisoners have since stated they were convinced Annemette Hommel was a man and refused to believe she could have been a woman.

Are we having fun yet!

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