Sunday, October 16, 2005


Danish pigs with crosses painted on by Moslem terrorists as retaliation for "the twelve blasphemous drawings"
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In the name of freedom of speech and democracy, the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten has invited twelve artists to make a satirical drawing of the prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The idea was that since The Koran forbids representations of Muhammad, making drawings of him was meant to test the limits of Moslem tolerance and respect for freedom of speech.

"Excuse me, can I wipe my ass with your religion?"

"Yes, of course, if I said no It would be against the purely western ideals of democracy and freedom of speech - go right ahead!"

"You're not going to put an fatwa on me or threaten to kill me, are you?"

"You mean like that 17-year old kid from Aarhus who is now to undergo an examination for insanity? - oh no, I like it when people who are not only the majority but also control the media, government, banks, jobs, police, army, etc, etc, etc, deliberately offend my culture - hey, I chose to go and live in Denmark myself, didn't I?!!

"Well, I'm done (for now...), and I'd like to add that I greatly respect you for accepting the rules of the game"

"You are most welcome, sir!, and may I add that Denmark was our FIRST choice at the human smugglers office!"

"Save it with the sweet talk, Ali - my boys are doing target practice on your kind right this moment, so just you watch it!..and if it wasn't for this great country you'd still be shoveling goat droppings back in the village, got that???"

"Actually, back in the old country I was an airline pilot flying Asia and the Middle East, but never mind that - do you want garlic or creme-fraiche sauce on your kebab, sir?"

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