Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I never liked shaving. To me It's pure insanity to start a day by attacking your facial skin with a knife.

And why? Because it's considered "sloppy" not to shave?

If I shave every day I get a rash on my throat, just below the jaw, it itches and bleeds. And that's when I'm lucky not to actually cut myself, which happens more and more often.
Shaving every third day, that works for me, the hairs have the right length or something, and afterwards my skin is smoother than a preteen's scrotum. No cuts, no rash, and I can face the world with that million-dollar smile that gets them every time.

Shaving... Egyptians shaved their entire bodies, heads included, and plucked their eyebrows. Something to do with lice control and the heat, or maybe they were just crazy about hairlessness.

Or just plain crazy.

I'm not shaving tomorrow.

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