Monday, November 28, 2005


To those who still read this blog: Regular daily postings have returned.

Not always that regular, and sometimes I miss the good old days when I could get angry over things, and I believe I've posted enough Panzers and pin ups to last a lifetime, so you won't find more of that.

hmm, hmm...

What about some juicy conspiracy stuff about The Rise of Fascism in the USA

If you get tired of waiting for something happening HERE, you can always scoot over to my Flickr account and dig some picture postings.

Lennard Grahn, citizen in a country where the Government voted to spend 68 mill. on improving schools and 150 mill. on fighting terrorism (oh, did I mention a Danish terrorist cell was discovered, and a number of suspected terrorists arrested, just a few weeks before the vote...)

Manipulated, Moi?

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