Saturday, December 31, 2005


A happy new year to all, in 2006 I'm planning on getting myself a drivers licence.

So I can drive away.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Well, I somehow survived x-mas, and I even got a wonderful present from my girlfriend, Anne: SKATES!
It's so great to receive something that hasn't got "practical and useful in your daily life" written all over it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


I'm going away for the holidays (to the Island of Samsoe), so merry x-mas to all who celebrate x-mas, and remember: it's all about giving!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"My knee had a slight itch. I reached out my hand and scratched the knee in question. The itch was relieved and I was able to continue with my activities."

Excerpt from The Dullest Blog in the world.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Back in school I used to do drawings in my school books all the time.
The drawings were placed in between the text I had to read, or the blank spaces where I was to write answers. They were done in between listening to my teachers, or looking at the blackboard.

At one point my teacher banned me from doing it for a full year because she felt the books looked to messy.

Don't get me wrong; she was no tyrant, stupid bitch or anything, she was a very nice person, but I guess she had an responsibility to make sure I directed my attention to the teaching.

To this day I work best in between.
In between things I have to do, but don't really feel like now, when I'm blogging but SHOULD be writing a mail to my employer about the upcoming courses in digital imaging.
And in between days. At night.
And in between places, when travelling.
The mind works.

Everything has it's place,
I'll take the one in between.

Thank you.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Don't worry, It's just some stupid country yokel stuff, but every time you hear that voice on the radio you pause for a little while, just to listen...

But as we all know, that remarkable singing talent belonged to someone who had many other facets to his personality...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"the male gaze" "woman as object" "projecting sexual desires"
yes, but how about this, girls: Maybe men look at women because it's basically the most interesting thing to look at in this worn out old world.

And what's so wrong about that?

Monday, December 12, 2005


RIP Richard Pryor 1940-2005

Describing his own style of comedy as "deep and profane", few stand-up comedians emerging within the last twenty years can say they weren't inspired by him. After growing up in a brothel run by his grandmother, Pryor lived a turbulent life involving cocaine, alcohol, and seven marriages (two of them with the same woman) In the 1970's he had reached the top levels of American entertainment by appearing on popular mainstream TV shows and in Las Vegas. Successful movies like The Silver Steak (where he has to teach Gene Wilder to walk and talk like a "brutha") made him one of the highest paid artists in Hollywood. Suffering from sclerosis in his later years, he continued to perform as the legend stand-up comedian - sitting down.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


They were the greatest,

-the fastest
-the baddest
-the latest

the most furious
ferocious, notorious, laborious,

they did it all, they did it first, they did it for real, they did it full time!

they did it for love, they did it for freedom, they did it justice, they did it for you, they did it for me,

they did it for all of us!

They loved and they lived, they prayed and they sinned, they worked and
they played.

they were magnificent
they were immortal
they were out of this world
they were fantastic
they were together


masters of the world!

that`s what they were!

They were the greatest!

They were forever!

And did fine without me.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Trying my hand with Second Life, a 3D world on the internet where you can meet other people who may also have grown a little tired with "First Life". You'll need a pretty powerful graphics card on your computer to make it work properly, but with the cost of real estate in real state Denmark, I'll probably have to go for the virtual solution if I want to watch the sun go down over the lake from my veranda while I sip some Scotch and whip the maid.
The fun stuff is the fact that you can design your own house, garden, etc, and also your appearance. You can encounter some pretty imaginative characters on your way to the pool, and if that isn't enough, you can even get rich!

Monday, December 05, 2005


Every year I meet with some friends for a special event.
It's a musical quiz, and the point is to gather some ten to twelve people, form three teams and then compete on our knowledge of music and films.
The right honorable quiz-master presents a category, it could be "name the singer", twenty short samples from a variety of songs are played and the quizzing begins.
This goes on for about five to six hours, during which insults are distributed liberally between the teams and large quantities of alcohol and other substances are consumed.
All of this is good fun, but there is one catch:
The team with the lowest score HAVE TO WEAR WIGS

The wigs must be worn until another team reaches a lower score, and I'd like to point out that wearing something that makes you look like you have just escaped from a Transylvanian sex-clinic does not increase you IQ or make it easier to provide the right answers. Once those wigs come on they tend to stay on!

Well, next year my team is going to win, and I'd like to add that this year's winners are nothing but wankers, sissies, and dirty rotten cheats!

Friday, December 02, 2005


Woody Allen turned seventy yesterday, too bad he's kinda lost the touch with making movies lately, but maybe poking fun at the white, intellectual, culture-digging bourgeoisie is a thing of the past.
Maybe poking fun is a thing of the past.

My faves:

Play it again, Sam
(Woody's character, recently divorced film critic Allen Felix, tries to pick up a girl at an Art gallery, they're looking at an abstract sculpture)
Felix: "-What do you think he's trying to say?
Girl: "-It expresses the cold meaninglessness of a dark and empty cosmos"
Felix:"-what are you doing Saturday?"
girl: "-Committing suicide..."
Felix:"-How about Friday?"

Broadway Danny Rose
Allen takes on the Mafia (and Italians in general!)

Crimes and Misdemeanors
If you have doubts about Allen as a "serious" director, this is the one to watch.