Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Back in school I used to do drawings in my school books all the time.
The drawings were placed in between the text I had to read, or the blank spaces where I was to write answers. They were done in between listening to my teachers, or looking at the blackboard.

At one point my teacher banned me from doing it for a full year because she felt the books looked to messy.

Don't get me wrong; she was no tyrant, stupid bitch or anything, she was a very nice person, but I guess she had an responsibility to make sure I directed my attention to the teaching.

To this day I work best in between.
In between things I have to do, but don't really feel like doing...like now, when I'm blogging but SHOULD be writing a mail to my employer about the upcoming courses in digital imaging.
And in between days. At night.
And in between places, when travelling.
The mind works.

Everything has it's place,
I'll take the one in between.

Thank you.

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