Monday, December 05, 2005


Every year I meet with some friends for a special event.
It's a musical quiz, and the point is to gather some ten to twelve people, form three teams and then compete on our knowledge of music and films.
The right honorable quiz-master presents a category, it could be "name the singer", twenty short samples from a variety of songs are played and the quizzing begins.
This goes on for about five to six hours, during which insults are distributed liberally between the teams and large quantities of alcohol and other substances are consumed.
All of this is good fun, but there is one catch:
The team with the lowest score HAVE TO WEAR WIGS

The wigs must be worn until another team reaches a lower score, and I'd like to point out that wearing something that makes you look like you have just escaped from a Transylvanian sex-clinic does not increase you IQ or make it easier to provide the right answers. Once those wigs come on they tend to stay on!

Well, next year my team is going to win, and I'd like to add that this year's winners are nothing but wankers, sissies, and dirty rotten cheats!

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