Friday, December 02, 2005


Woody Allen turned seventy yesterday, too bad he's kinda lost the touch with making movies lately, but maybe poking fun at the white, intellectual, culture-digging bourgeoisie is a thing of the past.
Maybe poking fun is a thing of the past.

My faves:

Play it again, Sam
(Woody's character, recently divorced film critic Allen Felix, tries to pick up a girl at an Art gallery, they're looking at an abstract sculpture)
Felix: "-What do you think he's trying to say?
Girl: "-It expresses the cold meaninglessness of a dark and empty cosmos"
Felix:"-what are you doing Saturday?"
girl: "-Committing suicide..."
Felix:"-How about Friday?"

Broadway Danny Rose
Allen takes on the Mafia (and Italians in general!)

Crimes and Misdemeanors
If you have doubts about Allen as a "serious" director, this is the one to watch.


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