Sunday, January 22, 2006


The funeral of Danish Bandidos member Uffe Larsen, 1996

Back in school I was "the kid who could draw", not a bad position in life as your mates think you're something of an magician, and the girls find you interesting.
This was in the seventies, and a local moped gang had adopted the name "Fox", probably inspired by the mega-hit "Fox on the Run" by The Sweet (this gang did a lot of running too, mainly away from rivaling gangs...)

Since one of my classmates' big sister went to the same class as most of the gang members, word got around, and soon I was commissioned to design and paint the image of an angry fox on the backs of their denim jackets.
I got 100 DKR a jacket, which was the first money I ever made from any kind of work. Being in a gang, wearing a denim west and riding a two-wheeler was how you defined yourself as a teenager back then.You had to be tough, mean, and using gasoline.

Well, kids grow up and even today my hometown has a high concentration of members of Bandidos MC, including the president who grew up a few hundred meters from our house, my dad and his dad worked at the same factory in Copenhagen.


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