Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Freedom of choice, this is one way to define freedom, and since my part of the world is often referred to as "the free world", how we define freedom must be a big part of how we define our existence.

Choice it at the root of our democracy, we chose politicians and political parties and that becomes our government, not the other way round.

The free will - that's behind our choices too.

The free will and freedom of choice.

But then there is that thing about what you have to choose from, and that thing about what makes you choose the way you do.

Choice is also at the base of our economy, I need food every day, but I can choose to eat ecologically manufactured pasta rolled between the thighs of Sicilian maidens (€ 75/kilo) or just pick up some synthetic garbage I can actually afford.

Advertising is a way of controlling freedom of choice, making people buy brand A before they even look at brand B.

I can study the agenda and history of a political party and vote for the ideas I believe wil create the most just and prosperous society, the kind of place I want to see my kids grow up in.
Or, I can vote for a political party that promises to save me from impending disaster and terrible evil.

Fear, poverty, desperation, loneliness - powerful psychological factors.

The less choices, the less freedom, the less human.

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