Sunday, January 29, 2006


The music of chance.

This guy in the photo was riding in front of me while talking into his cell phone.
He was moving at a slow pace and kept swinging from side to side.
His riding style was pretty annoying and I was in a hurry.I decided to overtake him by making a quick move. I got as close to him as possible and waited for the right moment...
When it arrived, I moved in; picked up speed...was right behind him...our bicycle wheels almost touching...

And then he farted.

A big, smelly, disgusting, fucking fart flew straight in my face!!!

I fell back, thinking that I simply HAD to get past him and moved closer once more...Increased speed...even closer now...

he did it again....

I stopped, got off my bike. Stood there waiting for awhile until he was gone.

I can't imagine he did it on purpose, he was too busy talking with his mate on the phone.

It was just bad luck

(and lousy eating habits)

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