Monday, January 16, 2006


Remember, kids - this is the new dawn after the dark ages (socialism) and we can't have anything like:

A communist (murderers, the evil empire, etc, etc)

A socialist (looser, life is about competition, not co-operation, take one look at nature and you know we're right)

An atheist (also losers, announcing that you are "a church goer" will get you laid these days, a bit like saying you dug Marx got you laid in the seventies)

An ideologist (a bit cryptic this one, probably means you buy the homeless people's magazine instead of telling them to fuck off and get a job - double looser)

Negative (means you don't buy enough stuff, and don't go to work enough)

Looser (means you don't act like a male orangutan with groin itch twenty four hours a day)

Humanist (means you read books instead of manuals or magazines - a time waster)

Hopelessly naive (means you can still says things like "money isn't everything")

A terrorist (means that we decide what freedom is and who's fighting for it)

Well, maybe it's all about being successful, I can't remember the left wing being too open minded when they had things swinging their way, so let's have thirty years of Christian capitalism with a vengeance (let's hope they don't start fighting each other over the spoils of victory...)

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