Monday, February 27, 2006


Brilliant use of standard commercial clip-art for political satire at Get Your War On

From off the pages of:

A note: Since more and more people outside Denmark are beginning to see Danes as a bunch of racist yokels, I would like to point out on my blog here that:
A)Yes, I am a Danish citizen
B)The Danish people's Party is a political party that does NOT speak on my behalf and I am NOT part of their definition of "the Danish people"
C)The Danish government has agreed to send troops to aid the American and British war effort in Iraq, I DO NOT support this, this is NOT my war.
To put it simply:

Not my people.
Not my war.

These two sentences will be placed at the bottom of each of my postings from now on, until Danish troops are no longer stationed in Iraq and the Danish People's Party is no longer represented in the Danish Parliament.


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