Friday, February 24, 2006


Watched the artists-run local television channel TV-TV last night.
Usually I find this channel a bit heavy on the second flavor of self-righteousness we market here in Denmark; Emotionally fueled 1970's style left-wing activism and concrete reinforced Marxism, with a light sprinkle of isolationism.
However, last night there was this program about Venezuela (located on the Northern shoulder of South America) which came out as a very interesting country in many ways.

Read about Venezuela, and their president Hugo Chavez (from wikipedia)

Or read a different view on Venezuela (from the CIA world factbook)

(outside; the sound of Spanish guitars and crickets, the old foreigner lights a Cuban cigar and drifts away in his dreams - how he missed the old country with its cold climate, petty-bourgeois lifestyles, general intolerance and broad indifference towards the rest of the world)

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