Friday, February 10, 2006


Well, to avoid misundestandings which would force me to spend the rest of my life in exile (perhaps greatly aiding my sagging career?) I'd like to point out that the drawing posted yesterday was not meant to be racist, but was intended to caricature people who predominantly see people from other cultures as, well..Caricatures.

In my view the "minstrel negroe" in my caricature is simply that - a crass caricature, not a realistic depiction of an African or Afro-American.

It was conceived as a visual representation of the views I believe is held by some people in my country: That other cultures outside the western culture are simply to backwards and primitive to comprehend concepts like freedom of speech, women's rights, democracy, etc, etc.

Women's rights as we know them today did not exist when my grandfather was my age, so we've had some quick changes in our part of the world. Good for us.
Freedom of speech and democracy - it also took many centuries before that came about, and of course at first it didn't include the "sub-human" inhabitants of Europe's colonies or other common rif-raf like: Jews, Women, Niggers, Jacobites, Catholics, the Irish, Italians, Polish, Huguenots, ex-convicts, homosexuals, servants, factory workers, people who dress funny, people with over-sized hats in a colour we don't like, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Religion is not my cup of tea, but I grew up in probably one of the most peaceful and affluent places in world history. Maybe things look different if you grow up in a refugee camp, during a war, or in a place where religion is living history and not something read to you once a year around Christmas time.

Maybe religion is opium for the people like Mao said (before he set out to create his own cult of personality) but it seems to be of great importance to most people on Earth.
Fine with me, I've got libraries, museums, music, art, and the wonders of nature to serve my spiritual needs. I can easily accept churches, mosques, cathedrals, synagogues, etc. But please: hire decent architects, those things you religious people put up are always so damned big!

Universal peace to all.

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