Monday, February 06, 2006


Well, what a weekend...Denmark is now the target of Muslim rage and Danes are divided on the issue, ranging from "send the bastards home" to "I'd like to send the bastards home, but we are decent people in Denmark so we have to listen to them first", and of course the imperialist's version: "if they are already home, send the Marines"

Maybe it's time to wake up here in Denmark, the big world is walking our streets and there are many views on life. So Muslims don't want pictures of their Prophet, fine with me, and next time could we please stop turning these issues into an opportunity for displaying some pompous and self-righteous talk about ethics.

To some Muslims who perhaps have little faith that the laws in the country they live in provides any justice for them, maybe picking up the Quran makes them think: "This book has laws, REAL laws, the laws of God, I will make them my laws, so don't mess with the book."

Peace and respect from now on, it's the only way.

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