Tuesday, February 07, 2006


While Danish embassies and flags are torched all over the world, Danish international shipping company Maersk expects to have no conflicts with their Moslem customers.

Shortly after the infamous drawings of Muhammad appeared, the company made an official statement denouncing the drawings. They also made it clear that their own company policy respected the various religions and ethnic groups of the world.

Makes sense if you have to do business worldwide, and It's hard to admit this; but sometimes I think Capitalism has a greater chance of creating peace in the world than religions and ideologies.
Money talks, ideologies and religions usually tell people to shut up and listen because they are telling you THE TRUTH™

But...Didn't't Maersk make millions shipping supplies for the invasion of Iraq? (and escape bankruptcy) and how do their Moslem customers feel about that?

but maybe some of them are making money off the war too?, maybe I'm making money off the war through investments by the bank where my bank account is?

, and what's wrong with making money anyway? Because capitalism is rooted in exploitation? I never got round to reading Das Kapital, and by the way; didn't the collapse of the Soviet bloc prove Marx would have been better off as the sixth member of this gang

Well, as always the only answer must be: The Shadow knows

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