Thursday, April 06, 2006


How many swastikas do you count in this bookstore window?
Turn on the radio and you hear nothing but shrieking noise called "music"
Criminals are elected into high offices all over the world (nothing new about that, the cynic would say)
We fight for our own survival in the third world, for oil, coal and gas.
not for "democracy", "freedom of speech", "human rights"
When the oil, coal and gas runs out we'll turn to nuclear power.
Guess where we'll dump the waste?

Live on candy and you end up with nothing but a pile of sticky paper.

Last autumn a group of alleged terrorists were arrested in both Denmark and Bosnia.
The media talked about a Danish terror-cell. A few weeks later the government and it's supporting party The Danish People's Party (not my people) voted for a "terror-package" transferring 150 million DKR to the Police for terror prevention (this was more money than the government would spend on improving Danish schools).

Since then nothing has been heard in the media about "the Danish terror-cell"
Not a word.

Who were they?
Did they have ties to Al-Qaida or other international terrorists?
Were they planning to blow something up in Denmark?
Did they even exist?


This is Denmark, you know, we are the nicest people in the world, so those nice people in the government, the police or the military can't be doing anything wrong, can they?

Make em' dance, make em' dance
Not my people
Not my war

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