Monday, May 01, 2006


May 1 - International Workers Day!

The world's favorite popularity-meter, Google, usually create a customized version of their logo on special dates, like Earthday, St. Patricks Day, Mozart's birthday, etc.

not so on May 1...

apparently this day isn't special to the good folks at the Google/Yahoo/Time/Warner/CIA/Shell/Maersk/Fox/Bush/Lockheed- corporation
(or whoever owns Google now, or own those who own those who own it)

...and, besides, in our world of today there aren't really any "workers" anymore, only "employees" and we don't need old fashioned bullshit coming from some fat arsed union! like Johnny Q. Public here:
- I work for a small company, we're just ten people and our boss, if you can even call him that! - he's more like an older brother than a boss, hell, he even borrowed my Limp Bizkit CD last week! well, anyhow - I don't have more time for talk now, I have to prepare some stuff I'm taking home tonight to work on, uh-oh, those deadlines, they can really get tight sometimes...but this time my boss promised me I can drive his Countach to the Mcdrive if I do a good job...

well done, Johnny-boy, and remember to wipe your mouth and rinse afterwards, gotta stay hygienic, you know!

Not my people
Not my war

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