Wednesday, May 10, 2006


A photo of the first place I lived in when I moved to Copenhagen in the spring of 1988.
This is Spaniensgade no. 20, and the apartment belonged to a friend of mine, so I was "the roomie".
A few days after my arrival I went to the nearby shopping center Amager Centret, and found two LP's with the Ramones on sale at a mainstream Radio shop (Rocket to Russia and The Ramones Leave Home), life was good.

My friend was working at The National School of Theatre, but I was on unemployment benefits and spend most of the days bicycling around Amager or sitting in the parks eating ice cream. Sometimes friends from Roskilde would come to visit, and we would all get high, listen to music and talk about our plans for the future, or go to Christiania to get high, listen to music and talk about our plans for the future.

Back then me and my friend shared a common dream of becoming film makers, and I often acted as cameraman or handled the lights on some of his early experiments.
Later on I turned my attention to the visual arts and entered the Academy of Fine Arts in 1991, my friend eventually became a maker of short films.

One day my friend asked me if I could, perhaps, be somewhere else for the evening...
he had a date and wanted some time alone with her in the apartment. I knew that one of my classmates from highschool lived at a dormitory nearby and went and visited her.
She was friendly, but surprised, when I suddently showed up (we hadn't really seen eachother since our graduation in 85') I stayed for about a hours worth of smalltalk and awkwardness. After that I walked the streets for some time until it was quite late, and I decided to return to the apartment. My friend's date had left, and I think he was asleep, I found my bed (a mattress on the floor, actually) and went to sleep.

Later on I got my own apartment, and a real bed.

And CD versions of the Ramones albums.
Not my people
Not my war

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