Thursday, June 22, 2006


Denmark just had a reform of the welfare state, in reality they could just have handed out 5.000.000 t-shirts saying: "no work, no eat" (and "whites only" on the back)

- the thing is to be a mensch!
- but what's that?
- it's yiddish!
- yeah, I know that, it means "a human being", so you have to be "a human being"?..

 - listen:  have you seen the blind guy selling pencils outside the Brooklyn Bridge station?
- yeah, he's got a cup full of  pencils, he's selling them...
- exactly, so you put ten cents in the cup and then you take a pencil...
- yeah
- You see: "a mensch", he wouldn't take the pencil...

(conversation in a tv movie from a long time ago)

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