Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I was a teenage Nazi...

This week's sensation must be the upcoming book by the nobel-prize winning author and icon of humanistic left-wingers in Germany - Günther Grass (b. 1927), who has revealed a most astonishing secret: He was a member of the SS...

In his own words, young Günther reacted to the spirit of the times and volunteered for the U-Boot service when he was fifteen, but was deemed too young and had to wait until late 1944 when he was sent to Dresden to join the ranks of the 10. SS Panzer Division "Frundsberg", famous for their participation in the Battle of Arnhem

Well, it will be interesting to monitor if the revered Grass will be the target of massive outrage like other celebrities who had their Third Reich past exposed, recently Pope Benedict XVI (who was placed in the same POW-camp as Grass after the war, which started a lifelong friendship between them)

In my humble opinion there are only really two types of people in this world: sinkers and swimmers...
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