Monday, August 28, 2006


Participants in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China,

-Giving themselves
-For the future

Happy people.

I watched a documentary on Swedish Televison last week about the life of Mao.
After twenty years of communist rule, Mao had succeeded in making 1 billion Chinese think like he did...
He then staged the Cultural Revolution which combined with "The Great Leap Forward" programme of industrial and agricultural production caused the deaths af more than 30 million people.
This was done to make the Chinese people learn to think for themselves.

After the Cultural revolution, the Chinese people distrusted their authorities, and questioned the intentions of their leaders.
After that came the "one-child" policy which has created a generation of pampered individualists (just like in the leading economies in the West) and Mao's successors are now implementing capitalist marketing and production values.

This is foresighted leadership on a cosmological-philosophical level rarely seen, in my opinion.

But, of course, not much phunn...
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