Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's Not About Who You Think You Are, It's About What The Majority Wants You To Be.

When I was a student I worked for a privately owned cleaning company. At one time they were looking for volunteers for cleaning some empty office spaces in the suburbs, you would get a little extra pay and a free ride to and from the place.

I volunteered.

The next day I reported at headquarters and met with five other young people like myself and we went off to spend the rest of the day cleaning.
Our supervisor was a short fat woman from Jutland, the same age as the rest of us and obviously not too comfortable with her position. She seemed nervous and sometimes gave wrong or contradicting orders. In the afternoon we finished our work and were driven back to the company headquarters.
We parted, and as we were walking off the supervisor shouted in my direction: "...and tomorrow we're here ON TIME - Lennard!"

Actually, I was the only one who had shown up on time that day.

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