Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Success is one of the sweeter things in life, but can also bring about the envy of others.

There he was, leaving The Arts Council, putting his big flat stinky feet on the stairs, about to step out on this, the most central and busy square in town!

To gloat!

Yes, to gloat! And show off!

That louse!
That fake!
That phony!

Everybody knows it's those rich parents of his,
Pulling strings!

But, yes, they gave it to HIM, a three-year grant! So he could create more of his stupid work! More garbage! And again, the reviewers would crowd at his door, ready to cover his fat posterior with saliva!

Everybody knows it's those important friends of his,
Pulling strings!

He raced forward, and as he stood in front of the man he raised his arm and rammed his fist into his mouth,

Broken teeth and a gurgling sound emerged from the now bloody cavity; the man fell to his knees, only to be knocked over by a swift and precise kick in the groin!

The man was crying and begging for mercy (or so it seemed, the smashed mouth made it difficult for him to speak)

But he couldn't stop now,
Another kick in the groin...and a kick in the face!
He stepped on the mans right hand with one foot and let the other do some good work on his kidneys!


More screams, he was wetting his pants now, the wimp! Or maybe it was blood from his destroyed genitals!


He grabbed his victim and motioned him to a garbage bin a few feet away, placed his neck on the edge of it and began to squeeze the head down into the garbage while moving it from side to side, using the edge of the bin as a saw

# Without the proper tools you must substitute with hard work,
it can be tedious and usually takes more time than first anticipated.

With aching arms and sweat pulsating from his skin he finally succeeded: The head was separated from the body! Blood cascaded into the garbage bin and onto the sidewalk!
He grabbed the head by the hair, held it up in front of him and shouted:


and totally disregarding the laws of nature, medicine, and reality in general, the head answered:

...but I didn't get anything, they gave it all to the dancers...

(laugther, curtains)
Podcast, naught for today
Retro babe
Panzer Stug III, Ausf. B
Not my people
Not my war

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