Wednesday, October 11, 2006


At the Open Air Museum you can find the romantic world of yesteryear, like the humble beauty of this maidens room.

(she was however also overworked, underpaid, and not allowed to vote)

Podcast, more hype for the overstimulated masses trawling the internet.
Retro babe
Panzer StuG III, Ausf.G
The armourplate next to the gun is in fact a piece of thin (5 mm) detachable armour called Shürtzen which was fitted to the sides of most German Tanks and SP guns to stop bullets from Russian anti-tank rifles (not rockets from Bazookas as most people believe) The Schürtzen would break off the trajectory of the bullet before it reached the vehicle's hull- or turret armour, and in most cases make it harmless.
Not my people
Not my war

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