Monday, November 20, 2006


Bill Mauldin

Scary monsters (and superfreaks)

Most "left wingers" you hear and see in the media have in my opinion resolved to becoming something like moldy spinster aunts who drop by occationally to tell scary stories to the kids ("Bush is the Anti-Christ...soon you can only listen to Robbie Williams on the's 1984 out there, we just don't realize it...") Like the type of auntie mentioned they will also hand out mentholated sweets nobody eats because they are too old and didn't taste good in the first place: Japanese noise-art made by retired businessmen wearing diapers, paintings done with shit and candy from the burgeoning new art scene in Bratislava, Heinrich Himmler's message pad doodles set to the music of Blind Boy Fuller, played by Garbage on hand made instruments from Ethiopia, remixed by Fat Boy Slim using a vintage 1970's faxmachine, etc, etc, etc,etc, etc....

I don't need that, I need entertainment!!!
Retro babe
Panzer Sdkfz 251, Ausf. D
With some relaxing grenadiere, note that this 251 has no camouflage.
From spring 1943 all German Army vehicles, from bicycles to tanks, were delivered in the colour of "dunkelgelb" (dark yellow), a sandy yellow. The units receiving them were also supplied with tins of dark yellow, red brown and dark green colour and had to apply camouflage to the vehicles in the field, giving them the possibility to create patterns fitting the local terrain and colours. Shortages of time and paint often meant that only front line vehicles like tanks and assault guns were camouflaged while vehicles used for other purposes stayed plain dark yellow.
Not my people
Not my war

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