Friday, November 24, 2006


Morten, man of Notes of a second rate poet digs into the latest news from Denmark's charming minister of immigration Rikke Hvilshøj, and the way that women is going, she'll make lots of new friends in low places:

Hell, 5.30 AM:

Himmler: Yo Dolf! have you checked out Denmark lately?

Hitler: "Denmark", that little blob of fat on the Noth coast? what could possibly be happening there?!?!

Himmler: Some of the politicians and civil servants are showing clear signs of "...the job needs doing and I'm here to get it done!.." - syndrome...

Hitler: - how about their empathy for the individuals concerned?

Himmler: I'm getting nothing but zero readings on that shit, homey!!

Hitler: Wunderbar! mein Gott, Heinrich, how could we possibly loose the war? - the world was ready for us!

Retro babe
Panzer Crewman operating the gun inside a panzer or Sturmgeschütz, note that he is wearing a standard issue Army uniform and not the black panzer uniform.
Not my people
Not my war

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