Tuesday, November 14, 2006


On mondays I go to a studio to do some croquis drawing, I mainly do it to keep my drawing skills alive and if you've ever attended a croquis class you know you'll meet:

"Popcornhead" = The young girl who has no trace of talent, talks all of the time, and came with a group of fellow students from some hack private artschool.

"John the perv" = A gentleman in his forties, fifties, sixties who can't draw a cat on a fence but discovered that croquis drawing is the cheapest gig around if you want to look at naked women.

"Alistair" = An painter straight out of "How to do an abstract painting in five easy steps" who found out that around studios and croquis classes you meet a lot of women, so now he's considering picking up figurative painting, and someone who will do some modeling - for free.

"Laura Normal" = A former housewife turned artiste who enters the world of amateur art with the same panache, energy and positive spirit as she enters the family 4X4, the ski-resort, shopping-mall, etc, - Art has never been more fun!

"Troy Younger" = A School of Design student, drops by occasionally to brush up on the figure drawing stuff, then it's back to designing iPod skins and high-tech cutlery - "Be an artist? no, way - they're all nuts!"

"Elvis Asger Jorn-Peterson III" = An older artist who saw it all (twice) and knows that croquis drawing is the cheapest gig around if you want to look at naked women.

"Nobby O'Donald" = A young artist who wants to learn to paint like the great masters, next week it's grafitti, then it's photography, then DJ'ing, then spending six months designing his own computer game before giving it up to go backpacking, have his penis pierced and get hooked on heroin.

"Lennard Grahn" = A washed up has-been who wonders what happened to all that talent he had fifteen years ago because tonight his drawings suck.
Podcasting, a dream in the making
Retro babe
Panzer A vehicle dump
In France some time after the Normandy battles.
Not my people
Not my war

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