Thursday, November 23, 2006


Rock n' Roll, part one.

If you listen to the radio, I'd say Rock is dead. If you're younger than me you don't listen to the radio but go out and listen to all the great new rock bands, and download mp3's with their music. So rock probably lives on.

Rock n' Roll has meant a lot to me, as a strong force that brought happiness and spirituality to my life, and it all began with two pillars of pop culture: Jerry Lee Lewis, and Television.

As I've mentioned in previous postings I grew up in a small town in a neighborhood dominated by summer cottages, which meant it was - quiet..
That's why I liked school, because going there meant I actually saw other people (I'm an only child), but let's get to the point:
One day when I was ten-eleven years old, I was NOT at school because I was sick and this gave me the rare opportunity to WATCH TV IN THE DAYTIME! Back then The Peoples Social-Democratic Kingdom of Denmark had only one Television channel (I'm not making this up...) and in the daytime there was of course NO television (who would watch, everybody was at work, right), except "Skole TV" which were special educational programs made for the 9'th and 10'th grades. Maybe my mom had turned on "Skole-Tv" for me or maybe it was Swedish television, something you could catch if you had a large antenna like most people did (cable didn't exist in Denmark back then, and I'm really not making this up)

Well: Sitting there in our chilly living room on some foggy winter's day, I witnessed was a room full of young people - teenagers, most of them dressed in leather or plastic jackets and they were all dancing, jumping, shouting, and making a lot of noise, and right in the middle of them was the strangest thing I had ever seen.
It was a man, a thin white man with blond hair so long it would fall over his eyes all of the time, mainly because he was banging away at a piano, and shouting like a madman. And then there was that sound...A deep rhythmic sound that was really hard to describe... Somehow it made you feel "bad in a good way" (or good in a bad way)

Like many of the other early Rock icons, Jerry Lee Lewis (because that's who it was) was an entertainer, and his stage performances included playing with his feet (often clad in pointy red leather shoes) playing standing up, jumping onto the piano, and the thing I remember best from this show was the way he kept "Great balls of fire" going on, and on, and on, until at one point he stops, bends his head forward to let his sweaty hair completely cover his face, combs it back, and then returns to the piano to pick the song up exactly where he'd left it.

My life had changed, I just couldn't help thinking: I want to be in a place like that...

Podcast, believe it or not, but you can actually watch a part of that Jerry Lee Lewis show on YouTube
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